Monday, March 31, 2014

I Would Never Judge Someone Who Ate a Tim Tam for Breakfast

A friend brought some Tim Tams back from a trip to Singapore. I had heard about them from listening to Walking the Room, a podcast for which the Tim Tam is the patron cookie. Tim Tams are Australian cookies; chocolate biscuits with chocolate in between them and all around them. They are amazing.

Heaven in a sleeve.

I was instructed to leave at least two for breakfast so that we could bite off the ends and suck coffee through the remaining cookie. It was very hard not to eat the entire package at once. Between four people, we ate 7 in an evening. I sent home one each with friends, so that we could all comment on the experience.

Pre-bite deliciousness.


It was hard to use as a straw; you have to suck too hard to get any coffee. But after that you have a Tim Tam soaked with coffee, and that is it's own reward.

Imagine this soaked with coffee


I believe I need to do more research on the Tim Tam coffee solution.  I had hot coffee (not brewed on the surface of the sun kind of hot, and not lawsuit hot, but definitely more than tepid), and I tried the Tim Tam straw option.  I had two good sips before my Tim Tam melted into a hot, gooey mess.  None was wasted, but I had to rapidly develop a new plan for hot coffee Tim Tam mess on my hands.  The solution was to devour the hot mess, and be glad that I was near paper towels & a sink, and be glad that my cats only judged me for not sharing with them.
New plan: Tim Tams with iced coffee.  I think the chocolate coating would hold up.


Typically when Australia is mentioned, I can only think of one thing: it began as a prison colony. Since the late 1700s, not much has happened to raise the profile of this continental country (it's a continent AND a country), and its meager exports include Nigel Barker, Yahoo Serious, Crocodile Dundee, and the Outback Steak House chain. For this reason, plus the total non-starters Vegemite and Midnight Oil, Australia has never carried any cultural heft (can they even read there?) and is thankfully the furthest distance from the U. S. of A. of any country, continent, or combination thereof.

However, these Tim Tams are a game-changer. They are delicious with beer, they are delicious with coffee, and they are, surprisingly, from Australia. If only people around the world knew more about Tim Tams and less about wombats and wallabies, Australia might finally be able to shake their reputation as a cultureless clusterfuck of marsupials and D-list talent and move into the big leagues and the less-prisony 21st century. They have a long road ahead, but the double threat of the double-wafered chocolatey Tim Tam and the Foster's Oil Can will get them well on their way.

My own first impression were much more base:

It's makes the chocolate so much richer!

In short, Tim Tams are a brilliant dessert, made only more exciting by coffee. I am happy to learn that they are available in Atlanta, at the Australian Bakery Cafe in East Atlanta:

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