Sunday, May 16, 2010

King of Pops

If you live in Atlanta and haven't heard about King of Pops yet, then get thee to the corner of North Highland and North Avenue now! The King of Pops sells homemade Popsicles out of a cart on the corner in front of the gas station and across the street from Manual's. They're a steal at $2.50 a piece, and come in gourmet flavors like Strawberry with Lavender; Honeydew; Muscadine; and Vanilla with Brownie.

King of Pops also sells his products at Irwin Street Market, Cabbagetown Market and Souper Jenny in Buckhead. Check out the website (with adorable t-shirts) and follow him on Twitter for day-to-day corner hours and flavor updates.

I went yesterday and had a Strawberry with Lavender, which was refreshing and not overly sweet. I forgot to take a photo, and should have, as the King of Pops is pretty hot. It's a nice extra for you $2.50. I lifted the photo below from the awesome Atlanta food blog The Blissful Glutton, which is super fancy and professional compared to me.

How does he keep them from melting?

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