Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week Three: Social and Professional Networking

Thing Six: Social Networking

Hooray for me! I'm already a member of Facebook and LinkedIn, so I'm a little ahead (of in the middle?) of this assignment. I was even a Friendster and MySpace user back in the salad days of social networking sites. And boy, did I always hate MySpace. It was an assault on the eyes, and often, the ears. That's one thing that did attract me to Facebook (and Friendster before it): clean lines and standard colors. No clicking on someone's page only to be stunned by hot pink $20 bills and Limp Bizkit. *shudder*

 I've also used Ning before, for a SAA Issues & Advocacy Roundtable project. Unfortunately, it didn't really take off. Ning is a well-designed and practical site for groups; I think it actually has more to offer than Facebook.

So I logged on to Facebook and became a fan of both RAO and SAA. I used to be a fan of SAA, but had quit it when it became obvious that it was just some weirdo pushing his own agenda in SAA's name. When did it become "official" and who is posting to it? A trustworthy source this time?

I am already an administrator for a group page, the Society of Georgia Archivists, which I encourage y'all to check out and become a fan of; we do good work down here.

I have been considering making a FB page for the collection I currently work on, the Voter Edeucation Proejct Organizational Records. We are a grant-funded project (CLIR), and one of our collaborative partners already has a FB page, Archives from Atlanta, the Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement, which I am a little jealous of. The reason I have not made a FB page for the project is that I want to be able to spend a lot of time building it, and make sure that it is appropriate for what we do. Lately, the time has been an issue.

Incidentally, the library that I work for does not have a MySpace of a Facebook page. I would recommend both, since we serve undergraduates, graduate students, and one PhD only institution.We serve four institutions with very different audiences. Oddly, we do use Meebo for reference services, and have a YouTube channel with library instructional videos, so we aren't completely out of the loop on Web 2.0.

Thing Seven: Professional and Career Networking

I like LinkedIn, and I already have lots of good connections and my profile is 100% complete. However, I have never written a recommendation for anyone, or been recommended. What is the etiquette on asking someone to write you a recommendation? I realize that LinkedIn has a default message, and that by signing up for LinkedIn, people are implicitly implying that they would be willing to do such a thing, but it still feels a bit hinky to me. But, in the spirit of this project, I will ask and give. I am going to spend some time thinking about who I will ask.

I will update as there are developments on this.


  1. I'm not sure who is posting to Facebook on behalf of SAA now, but I do remember there being a transition to a more "official" version a little over a year ago. I thought it was great that they posted video from some of the Austin conference sessions last summer.

    I love that you're holding out on creating a FB page for your project until you have enough time to invest. There are definitely a lot of thrown-together pages out there, and I don't think they do anyone much of a service.

    I have to admit that I haven't gotten into LinkedIn as much as I probably should, but I would think the etiquette is similar to that of asking for recommendations in other situations.

  2. Yes - the SAA Facebook (thank goodness) is official now - in the hands of SAA...